Acqualagna is one of the major centers of Italy for the trade of the precious white truffles (considered by many to be the finest truffle in the world) and the Norcia black, bianchetto and scorzone (respectively white and black truffle).
In the village there  is the parish church, dedicated to Saint Lucia, an ancient foundation that over time has undergone many changes and renovations. Just beyond the town Furlo is the Sanctuary of Pelingo,  a Marian Diocesan Sanctuary, which contains a venerated fresco of the Madonna and Child.
St. Vincent al Furlo is all that remains of an ancient Abbey of the eighth century.
At Villa Colombara, in the locality of the town of Acqualagna, archaeological excavations in 1995 and 1997 have brought to light the remains of a Roman farm of the second century BC with a large colonnaded courtyard where they had arranged the living quarters and processing of agricultural products. Excavations showed that the farm was rebuilt in the early imperial partially overlapping the first one. The remains are preserved in the Antiquarium Acqualagna Pitinum Mergens.
Castle of Pietralata is located on the southern side of Mount Pietralata. It is an old building dating from the eleventh century, consisting of the rather well-preserved ruins of the great wall, the church is still consecrated, the ruins of the adjacent central settlement is said “male” and a Canonical House connected to the church by a particular overhanging passage.