Fantasy of Crostini
Croissants stuffed with Ham and Mozzarella
Saccottini stuffed with Ricotta and Olives
Ham and Cheese
Ricotta with various Aromas
Stuffed Melon


First Courses
Tagliatelle/Noodles (Zucchini Flowers, Asparagus, Porcini mushrooms, Tomato, Ragu with white meat and Truffle)
Tagliolini/Small Noodles Lemon flavored

Pappardelle with Wild Boar

Raviolini Ricotta and Spinach (Tomato, Ragu, Fresh tomatoes, Nuts Salsa)
Ravioloni Ricotta and Nuts with Olive Oil and Fossa Cheese
Tortelli made with Potatoes (Ragù, Wild Boar)
Gnocchi (Tomato, Ragù, Duck)
Gnocchi stuffed with Meat baked with Tomato and Bechamel
Swallow nests/Nidi di Rondine
Cannelloni (Meat Ricotta and Spinach)
Lasagna (Ragù, Ragù with White Meat, Truffle, Artichoke hearts)
Crepes with Ricotta and Spinach
Cappelletti in Meat broth


Second Courses
Rabbit Porchetta
Pork in Shard
Pork/Arista with Orange or Milk
Roasted Veal

Pork shoulder/Spalla di Maiale with Sangiovese Wine

Veal Stew with Beer
Ham at the Flame (min. for 30 persons)

Guinea Fowl or Pullets with Mascarpone Cheese
Stuffed Chicken or Cacciatora Chicken
Stuffed Pigeons

Duck with Orange
Quails with Grape or Olives
Mixed Skewers
Medallions of Pork Tenderloin with Balsamic Vinaigrette
Beef Steak





Baked Potatoes

Cooked Vegetables

Gratin Vegetables



Tart (Nutella, Jam and Ricotta)
Pie with Hot Chocolate Heart
Nutella and Panna Cream
Mascarpone Cheese with Strawberries


Pasta, desserts and bread are home made.